The Internet site is wholly managed by NATUREX PHARMA S.R.L. fiscal code 04476200235, registered office Via Togliatti 46/A 25030 Roncadelle (BS), registered on 14th March 2017 at the Business Register of Verona number 04476200235, having share capital of 9000.00 euros, fully paid.

     1. Company intent

The intent of the Internet site is to commercialise the product “TOFEX®”, being a specific food supplement made of 100% natural ingredients including Tribulus terrestris, Turnera and Paullina Cupana, useful in the case of physical and mental fatigue.

Any access, consultation and/or use of the website constitutes full acceptance, without reservation, of the Conditions of Use shown below. Thus it is the responsibility of the User to inspect the Conditions of Use applicable when accessing, consulting and/or using the website.

     2. Trademark registration

“TOFEX®” is brand name number 302018000020883, owned by NATUREX PHARMA S.R.L. which has the exclusive rights to apply it to commercial products.

The use of said brand name must be previously authorised by NATUREX PHARMA S.R.L. It is therefore absolutely forbidden to counterfeit the product and/or name and/or disclose any unfair conduct leading to confusion in the destination of the product.

     3. Guarantee and Responsibility

NATUREX PHARMA S.R.L. is the exclusive owner of the brand name “TOFEX®”.

NATUREX PHARMA S.R.L. does not provide any implicit or explicit warranty regarding the information published on the website. The aforementioned Company will in no case be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from use of the products described and/or commercialised on the website. The failure to achieve the physical and/or psychological benefits which may derive from consumption of the food supplement advertized can in no case be attributed to the Company.

In the same manner, the Company can not be held responsible in cases of interruption, malfunction or inaccessibility of the website, or of attacks of viruses deriving from fraudulent activities carried out by third parties.

The Company will ensure that all the necessary measures will be adopted in order to guarantee the protection of personal data collected through the website. However, it can not be held responsible for any breach of security of such personal data if this is the result of the functioning of the web.

     4. Quality of products and responsibility of the site manager

The poducts that are advertised and sold through the site meet the highest possible quality standards and have been verified in their functionality. As regards the use by subjects in not perfect state of health, the site manager declines all responsibility. The informations in the site cannot in any way replace the doctor-patient relationship and cannot be considered as a substitute for a diagnosis made by a professionist, to which it is necessary to resort in the event that the user suffers from clear pathologies, or suspects even just the possible presence.